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Bachelor of Human Resources & Labour Relations

The Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations is a three-year (90-credit) degree addressing all aspects of human resource management, labour relations and human resource development. A post-diploma BHRLR is also available for those already holding an acceptable credential.

The Bachelor of HRLR allows you to choose from a wide variety of courses. It can be difficult to know which courses to take and in which order. If you are new to university-level studies, you may want to start by taking the writing course ENGL 255: Introductory Composition.

If you have a union background and you are new to university-level studies, you may want to take a junior course such as LBST 200: Introduction to Labour Studies. These courses will provide you with an introduction to university-level work, but deal with material that you may be more familiar with.

If you have a different background and you are a new student to university-level studies, you may be more comfortable choosing a different 200-level course such as COMM 243: Interpersonal Communication.

Otherwise, you are strongly advised to start with either of:

  • HRMT 386: Introduction to Human Resource Management (which provides an introduction to the Human Resources side of the program), or
  • IDRL 215: Introduction to Labour Relations (does the same for the Labour Relations focus.)

HRMT 386 and IDRL 215 are often listed as recommended pre-requisites for other courses. This reflects that these two courses help ground students in the basic terminology and concepts of the program.

Many students find it useful to take HRMT 386 and IDRL 215 before the law course IDRL 320: Labour Law in Canada and the more advanced IDRL 316: The Practice of Labour Relations. Both of these courses are designed to build upon the lessons found in the introductory courses.

Next you may wish to work through the six other required courses set out in the program regulations. These courses ensure you have some knowledge of the major areas and context of Human Resource Management and Labour Relations.

The BHRLR was created to allow you to tailor the program to your interests so you are free to choose electives from the list, but remember this is a Degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations so take a good look at the list of IDRL and HRMT courses. Students with 45 or more credits transferred into this program may have little room to choose electives and should therefore focus on the core courses.

Updated July 30 2021 by Students & Academic Services

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